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About Glimm Screens

Dear customer,

The story of Glimm started ten years ago. Our founder Björn Bijster had been looking for projection solutions for quite some time. Because the solutions that were available on the screen market did not meet his demands, he decided to start developing them himself. High quality projection screens for a competitive price was and is his motto. Glimm has always focussed on product development from a customer perspective. That has lead to a product portfolio that is diverse, attractive and competitive.   

We hope you keep choosing for Glimm Screens, now and in the future. We've put a lot of effort in creating a high quality product for an attractive price. If you have any comments on our products, portfolio or services, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions very much. Just tell us what we can do better and we will. That is a promise!

Glimm Screens,
Groningen, The Netherlands


Customers come first!
Glimm wants to provide products and services that serve you best. Simply, because we acknowledge that our customers define the success of our organisation. So whenever you need us, want our products or want help: we will be there for you.

Best price! Because our organisation is small and flexible we don't have to charge you for all our overhead or personel costs. That's why we can keep our products low-prized and find the right solution for you before our competitors can.

Perfect Resolution! We founded Glimm because we thought that there were no high quality screens for a reasonable price. We want to offer products that really get the best out of your projector. Because why would you spend a lot of money on a projector when a screen doesn't provide an image that satisfies you?

Satisfaction guaranteed! Our service doesn't stop after you've bought a product. We acknowledge that after sales service is an essential element of the product we sell. So if you have problems, now or in the future, just give us a call, e-mail us or visit our office and we'll be happy to help you solve them.

Durability! Glimm Screens are made of the best materials. Materials that last longer than most alternatives. So even when you have to replace your projetor after many years, your Glimm Screen will still function 100%!

Clear images! We use the latest technology to produce all Glimm Screens, because we want to provide you with images that will not only satify you but will amaze you... over and over again .