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Transparant Glass Screen
Projection screen
Can be used for: Rear projection
Invisible Screen 
100% Transparency
The first 100% transparent projection screen is now available! It combines visibility with the comfort of invisibility: magic! This new glass projection screen looks like normal glass, in fact, it is not. It’s a new optical projection film that has been laminated between glass or can be placed on single glass. Another unique feature of this product that it is possible to project on the front side and even from the backside. In short the combination of three worlds come together in Glimm Invisible Glass Screen: 100% transparency, front and rear projection and excellent visibility in daylight. The projection screen can have two parts of anti-reflective surfaces on both sides. So: no reflection from front or backside on the screen.  

Product features
* Lightweight film, easy to apply on a window, glass, acrylic and projection screens
* No requirement to have any external wires or devices
* Front and rear projection
* Not affected by external light conditions
* Wide range of screen sizes available up to 100” 4:3 or 16:9 format
* Smooth imaging because of the use of natural product (glass)
* Simple set-up
* No reflections
* Images are projected on both sides
* High viewing angle (180 degrees)
* Can be cut in every desirable size and form

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