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15 years manufacturer of screens and projectionfilms


 Who are we?

 Glimm Screens International has been founded in 2000 by Mr Bjorn Bijster. He has developed  
 new concepts and new media solutions for different markets. He has brought successfully different
 new media solutions to the conventional advertisement market. Glimm Screens International
 has created a new global platform for new media which have been introduced to different countries
 around the world. This new concepts has been introduced trough different distributors and
 agents world wide. 70% of the advertisement market is still working with static media
 like static billboards and static posters. Glimm Screens International is capable of changing
 this conventional thoughts to a new dynamic images in day and sun light.

 In 2002 Glimm Screens International has developed through their own research and development
 program projection screens and projection films for sun and day light.This is makes it possible
 to create high bright images on windows in sunlight, large outdoor projections
 or indoor with bright light. Glimm Screens International is capable to produce special films
 and foils for interactive touch solutions, holographic solutions and interactive 3D solutions
 which can be attached on different transparent material like glass and acrylic
 for indoor and outdoor use.  

 New projection Films for outdoor (billboards during evenings) 

 One of our clients has installed its first outdoor screen with projection using our
 silver projection film.
 This silver film provides excellent colors during evenings and in daylight.
 The projector used in this installation projects around 10.000 ANSI lumen of light.
 Green Apple has choosen this solution above the LED solution based on cost.


 Glimm Screens International installed new touchscreens and interactive floor
 Bucharest city hall in Univesitate passage. The tourist information touchscreens
 which have been installed in the Universitate passage have a great attraction
 to tourist and locals alike.The touchscreens provide information about the city,
 tourist sites, detailed maps realtime and these are also connected to the internet. 


 The four screens and the floor areas have been installed in the middle of the passage. This multimedia system is a real  eyecatcher for advertisement on the floor. These installations are part of a wider plan to install to install an electric system  with Glimm products accross the city, which would display the municipality projects as well as provide internet connection  among others. These information systems are part of a bigger project and Bucharest city hall is planning to install these  systems as well for the Otopeni and Banesa airports, the old center and the village museum.